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This double Bungee leash is elastic over its entire length. It was designed to provide a smooth, stress-relieving experience for both you and your dogs. It is perfect for activities such as running, skiing and biking with your dogs. Developed for skijoring, bikejoering and canicross, it is an essential piece of equipment for any owner of active dogs. This Bungee leash is woven from high strength rubber, and is protected by a durable polyester layer. It includes a carabiner Twistlock, which is the best option available, locking, in order to prevent dogs from escaping. The carabiner rotates on a pivot, so the leash does not twist. Two lengths are available:

- The 2 meter leash, for good control over your dogs. Ideal for hiking and running.

- The 2.8 meter leash, for activities such as skijoering and cycling, keeps your dogs at a safe distance from skis or bikes.

Bulla Double Bungee Leash

    • Woven in high resistance rubber
    • Coated with durable Polyester
    • Twistlock carabiner rated at 300 Kg.
    • Weight: 122 grams (for the 2 meter leash)

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