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WHO      ARE       WE?

Famille Saucier

TOGO, a story of passion handed down from generation to generation

Harness dog sports have been part of the Saucier family for several decates. It is our father, from a young age, started this beautuful passion by catching the bite of the sled dog. At that time, he used to borrow dogs from the neighbourhood to complete his team during his sledding outings.


A few years later, as a young adult, he started competing in sled dog races. He practiced this sport assiduously until his University studies forced him to take a short break. At the very begginning of the 80's, he renews with his passion which quickly leads him to become actively involved in the sprint competition circuits in Quebec. Very resourful and meticulous, he made most of his equipment which he adapted according to his needs of the time, because the sled dog sports requires specific equipement in constant evolution.

Father of four boys, he introduces us at a very young age to the world of sled dogs and manual work. Every winter, The Saucier family gets together, week after week, to take part in competitions mainly in the CACQ (Clud d'attelage de chiens du Québec) circuit. Over the last few years, we have experienced most of the harness sports competitions in Quebec, Ontario and the United States. We have cummulated several podiums in different categories including a 3rd place at the World Championship on dryland (Bristol Dryland 2015) and participation at the World Championship on snow (Haliburton 2017) in the 8 dogs sprint class (2nd position) and the open class (7th and the 11th position). Canicross, bikejoering, scooter, sled, kart and skijoering allow us to differenciate our training and thus develop all the skills of each team member, and this, during most of the year.


TOGO is a dynamic company founded by four co-owner brothers who use their professional and technical knowledge and experience of the harnessed canine world to develop new products. TOGO thus reponds adequately to the needs and ensures the evolution of this sport which knows more and more folllowers, no matter the season of the year.

CHARLES-ANTOINE, the projet investigator, is an engineer by training. Wise and on the lookout, his main task lies on the desing of innovative products.

JEAN-RENÉ, our ''PRO'', is a mechanical engineering technician. He works in manufacturing techniques and various processes.

SIMON-PIERRE, perfectionist and meticulous by his job as a linesman, he's our resource person in the workshop. With his knowledge and skills, we can count on him to ensure that our customers receive quality products that exceed expectations.

MARC-ANDRÉ, the wise man of the group, takes care of putting us back in order with our crazy ideas. He manages the website and the accounting, among other things. He is our business menagement resource.






Simon-Pierre, Jean-René et Charles-Antoine

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